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Request Files Securely Using Office 365

Have you ever tried to request a large file from someone at another company or even within your own company? If you have someone send a file via email it can get caught in spam or if it’s too large (Office 365 limits file attachments to 150MB), it’s going to get rejected. Another consideration is […]

Microsoft Experts Available To Non-Profits

Microsoft has done a great job of providing tools to non-profits for free or at a substantial discount. That’s great, but what if the non-profit doesn’t have the expertise to use the tools or services?Enter, “Office Hours”, a service provided by Microsoft with live sessions over Teams to help non-profits learn about the tools and […]

Get More From Your TechSoup.Org Subscription

TechSoup specializes in helping non-profits with purchasing hardware and software. They also provide other services like training, consulting and helpdesk. Prior to TechSoup non-profits were on their own when negotiating pricing on hardware, software and cloud services. Unfortunately, most non-profits don’t have a lot of money for purchases so they had to revert to offering things […]