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Request Files Securely Using Office 365

Have you ever tried to request a large file from someone at another company or even within your own company? If you have someone send a file via email it can get caught in spam or if it’s too large (Office 365 limits file attachments to 150MB), it’s going to get rejected. Another consideration is privacy. You might need to send files with personal or health information.

Solution: Microsoft now allows subscribers to send and request files to companies outside of their own. If you’re worrying about compliance, OneDrive and Sharepoint Online are HIPAA and SOC compliant.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to request files using OneDrive, but this can be easily done using Sharepoint Online as well.

First, we need to create a folder to hold our requested files.

Create folder for requested files
Request files securely
Create a folder name that’s descriptive for the types of files you’re requesting.
Name your requested file folder something relating to the files you are expecting.
Request files securely
Right-Click the new folder and choose Request files
Specify what files you are requesting.
Request files securely
When you send a request for files the email message needs to include what file(s) you are requesting then hit Next.
Copy the provided link and choose Done to complete the request.
Request files securely
The final step to creating a request is to Copy link and hit DONE. You can also limit who has access to this link by entering their email address in the box provided. I like to copy the link so I can create a custom email message that looks more personable.
Notification after request as been setup.
Request files securely
You’ve now completed the request process.
Custom email message to recipient asking for requested files.
Request files securely
Now let’s test this out by sending an email with the copied URL we grabbed during the request process. You can email multiple people since we chose to copy the URL instead of limiting users in the request.
Received email with URL to upload files.
The recipient receives the email and now has access to the link.
The link takes the user to a page with a button to select files for uploading.
This is the page the user will see when they open the URL. Notice “Signed Contracts”, that’s the message we used in the initial request setup.
Select the files you want to upload.
Now you can select as many files as you want to upload. The person uploading files cannot view files that in the folder. Not even files they previously uploaded.

Note: (If the request link is opened on a mobile device, it will prompt recipient to either upload or take a new photo with the device camera. For folks with limited computer/scanner access, this can be really helpful.)

after choosing files enter your name (unless you were already logged into Office 365), and hit Upload
After choosing the files the recipient wants to upload they’ll need to enter something for first and last name unless they were already logged into Office 365. Then hit Upload.
Upload is complete.
After you hit Upload you can either close this screen or upload more files.
Confirmation email for uploaded files.
After a certain amount of time you’ll receive an email confirmation after someone uploads files to your folder. I’ve seen this take 30+ minutes to get the confirmation.
View of folder with new requested files in it.
And here we go, your requested file(s) are in the OneDrive folder we setup.
That is how you request files from another person. I hope this blog post was helpful.

Thank you Susan Vincent for giving me the idea for this blog post. If you have an idea for a blog post or YouTube training related to Office 365 please email me at To view our other posts check them out here.

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