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Get More From Your TechSoup.Org Subscription

TechSoup specializes in helping non-profits with purchasing hardware and software. They also provide other services like training, consulting and helpdesk. Prior to TechSoup non-profits were on their own when negotiating pricing on hardware, software and cloud services. Unfortunately, most non-profits don’t have a lot of money for purchases so they had to revert to offering things like testimonials or displaying the vendors logo on their website in order to get a decent deal.

TechSoup has negotiated some great deals for your non-profit and continues to add additional vendors and software/hardware. There are restrictions when purchasing from TechSoup. The restrictions are vendor specific, but to give one example, Amazon Web Services offers a $2,000 yearly discount on their cloud offering at a cost of $175. This is an awesome deal, but if you have multiple services running in AWS that $2,000 credit can get eaten up pretty quick. So how can you get more credits/licenses/hardware, etc… from vendors on TechSoup? If your organization has multiple locations you can add them to your TechSoup account. After adding a branch office each branch is considered it’s own entity so the restrictions are based on each location. Example: (If you have 5 branch offices you can purchase up to 5 x $2,000 credits for AWS services.)

For more information check the FAQ on TechSoup’s website.

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