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Manage Windows Server updates using AWS Patch Manager

If you manage a handful of servers then OS updates can be done manually, but if you manage hundreds or thousands of servers then that’s a different story. You need an automated response to server updates. Enter Patch Manager, an AWS service that allows for patching Windows, MacOS, and some popular distros of Linux. In […]

Step by Step: AWS Config Remediation

For those of you wanting to setup AWS Config Remediation I’ve listed the steps below. I walked through this process on a YouTube video, but since there are a few steps more than usual I decided to create this post.  AWS Config allows for checking resources in AWS to confirm they are configured the way […]

Welcome To TechHelp For Non-Profits!

First, I want to say thank you for visiting our site and second, I want to explain how this site came about. While most for profit companies have their own IT staff or the funds to pay for the projects they need, a lot of non-profits just don’t have the resources for a dedicated IT […]