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Request Files Securely Using Office 365

Have you ever tried to request a large file from someone at another company or even within your own company? If you have someone send a file via email it can get caught in spam or if it’s too large (Office 365 limits file attachments to 150MB), it’s going to get rejected. Another consideration is […]

What Do I Get With Enterprise Mobility + Security E5?

Microsoft has a large selection of Office 365 subscriptions, but unless you understand these services how do you make an educated decision on which subscription to purchase? Security seems to be on everyone’s mind these days after recently publicized breaches so let’s look at a mobility and security offering from Microsoft. In this post we’ll […]

Microsoft Experts Available To Non-Profits

Microsoft has done a great job of providing tools to non-profits for free or at a substantial discount. That’s great, but what if the non-profit doesn’t have the expertise to use the tools or services?Enter, “Office Hours”, a service provided by Microsoft with live sessions over Teams to help non-profits learn about the tools and […]