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How To Create A Company-Wide Signature

Looking for consistency in your company’s email signatures? Tired of sending out the “official” signature only to find staff didn’t use it? 

If you have an Office 365 subscription you can setup an email signature for everyone with no intervention from staff.

No more asking folks to replace outdated signatures or forgetting to add a disclaimers to the end of your signatures.

In this post I’ll show you how to add a company-wide signature and format it.

Let’s start off by going to

Office 365 Admin Center
Now that we’re in the admin center let’s click on Show All…
Office 365 Exchange Admin
Choose Exchange Admin Center
Office 365 mail flow rules
From the Exchange Admin Center choose Rules under Mail Flow
Choose Disclaimer from Rules menu
Choose the plus symbol to add a new rule then “Apply disclaimers…”
Office 365 Append Disclaimer
Name your rule then choose same settings as in picture. Then choose “Enter text…”
Office 365 rule disclaimer text
Enter the text you want in your new email signature and hit OK. If you want to format the text make a copy of it, but hold off on hitting OK.
Paste and Copy HTML
Goto or click on this picture and paste your signature text on the left panel, make the necessary formatting changes then copy the HTML on the right panel.
Paste HTML formatted text into signature
Paste the HTML code you copied from the site into the box and hit OK
Select One at bottom
After saving signature text choose “Select one…” from bottom right. You might need to scroll down to find it.
Choose Wrap
Choose Wrap for fallback action and hit OK. This will wrap the signature into a message envelope if it can’t be added to the message due to encryption of another mail setting.
Select same settings and hit OK
To complete the setup of our new email signature I would suggest the same settings as in the picture then hit Save.
Once you hit Verify the rule is enabled
Once you hit Yes, the signature is enabled. This can be disabled back at the Rules menu.

You now have an email signature for everyone in your company. When someone sends an email this signature will automatically get added!

In this post we created a disclaimer rule in Office 365, we formatted the text we wanted to use and enabled the rule.


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