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CentOS Alternatives

As a Linux administrator, CentOS has likely been a trusted choice for your server environments for many years. However, recent changes with CentOS have left many administrators searching for alternative distributions that align better with their needs. In this blog post, we will explore several noteworthy alternatives to CentOS specifically tailored for Linux administrators. By […]

Quick Guide: Lab Setup For Active Directory, DNS And DHCP

Over the years I’ve tested many aspects of Microsoft’s Active Directory. Sometimes those tests resulted in unforeseen consequences on my production environment. When Hyper-V came along it was the perfect tool to test different environments including Active Directory. In this post I’ll walk you through setting up a simple environment with one Windows Server 2022 […]

How To Save 20% On Your AWS Cloud Storage

One of the major responsibilities for anyone who manages their company’s cloud workloads is keeping costs down. I’m constantly looking at alternative EC2 instance types (Virtual Machines for Azure), to see if I can move to newer and cheaper compute. While spinning up a new instance I recently noticed that the default storage is set […]

AD Domain Controller Sync And How To Fix It

Ever have an instance when making changes to one Active Directory Domain Controller and it doesn’t propagate to other domain controllers? In this post I’ll show you how to check the sync health of your domain controllers and how to fix it if it’s broken. First step is running the following command to check Replication […]

How To Save Bitlocker Recovery Key To Active Directory

Most Network Administrators use Bitlocker to secure their laptops and PCs. It’s built into Windows and best of all it’s free. (NOTE: Bitlocker is not included with Windows 10/11 Home.) It’s fairly easy to setup, but one problem is saving the recovery key. It’s a very long string of numbers and if you loose it […]

Using LetsEncrypt For Windows SSL Certificates

I looked at a free SSL Certificate Authority called Let’s Encrypt years ago, but the certificates only lasted 90 days and then you had to manually recreate the requests. This works fine for test and development systems, but not so much for production. Recently, I decided to take another look at using free Certificate Authorities. In addition […]

Bare Metal Image Over Internet And Domain Join

For those of us who had to get users setup quickly during the pandemic you probably had to make many trips to the office to get systems imaged. I needed a process that would allow me to image systems from anywhere that had an Internet connection and join that system to the domain. With a […]

How To Create A Company-Wide Signature

Looking for consistency in your company’s email signatures? Tired of sending out the “official” signature only to find staff didn’t use it?  If you have an Office 365 subscription you can setup an email signature for everyone with no intervention from staff. No more asking folks to replace outdated signatures or forgetting to add a […]

Request Files Securely Using Office 365

Have you ever tried to request a large file from someone at another company or even within your own company? If you have someone send a file via email it can get caught in spam or if it’s too large (Office 365 limits file attachments to 150MB), it’s going to get rejected. Another consideration is […]

What Do I Get With Enterprise Mobility + Security E5?

Microsoft has a large selection of Office 365 subscriptions, but unless you understand these services how do you make an educated decision on which subscription to purchase? Security seems to be on everyone’s mind these days after recently publicized breaches so let’s look at a mobility and security offering from Microsoft. In this post we’ll […]